The abbreviation "ESOF" - Eco Sustainable Organic Food, stands for Organic Sustainable Organic Food. ESOF was founded in January 2013. The core business of the company is the production, purchase and processing of fruits and vegetables. By setting high standards of production, responsibility in business, integrity and professionalism, for a relatively short period of time, the company has become one of the leaders in the segment of production in protected areas and the development of cooperative production in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company employs professional and highly educated staff in management, production and process technology, who are constantly improving and acquiring new knowledge and skills. In addition, the company, as appropriate, hires external associates, both domestic and international experts in its field, all for the sake of sustainable progress and continuous business development. Vision Become one of the leading producers of fruits and vegetables in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mission Encourage and promote the natural and healthy cultivation of fruits and vegetables, responsible and optimal use of scarce natural resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ethical codex All ESOF employees must strictly adhere to the code of conduct contained in universal values, such as accountability, transparency, honesty and integrity.
ESOF's infrastructure capacity is at an enviable level: pasten production at 10ha, open plantation production at 25 ha, and a logistic center for packaging and processing at 6,000 m2 and storage capacity of 4,000 tonnes. The technological equipment of the company is at the highest level new, which enables the competitiveness of product placement on the world market and the sustainability of the supply chain to customers. The process of production, purchase, processing and packaging is precisely defined in the context of modern rules of organization and international standards in the field of production and processing of food. The quality control system is of great importance to the company, continuous monitoring, and is based on the implementation of Certificate Rules and Procedures such as: Global GAP and International Food Standards (IFS) certification. ESOF is an export-oriented international market. Also, the company places a significant part of its products on the domestic market. Using the natural benefits of clean air, unpolluted soil and clean water, the production of organic fruits and vegetables is in full harmony with the conservation of the environment and nature, and thus ESOF nurtures the care of natural resources and uses them responsibly.