The logistics center of the company ESOF is located in its own space, a business-production facility, concrete structure in the municipality of Donji Vakuf. The center is located in the building area of 12,000sqm of land surface of 26.000sqm. The facility has complete infrastructure. In addition to being located close to the main road, Donji Vakuf-Bugojno Center is very attractive positioned in the context of the road leading to the Port of Ploce, Zagreb, Munich and Vienna as well as the capital Sarajevo. This geographical position enables the delivery of products on the same day which is a great advantage in maintaining the quality of the product, especially when it comes to delivery of the fresh product. In this Centre, carried out all the preparatory work for export and delivery of products to customers, including: Receipt and sorting Purchase products of subcontractors Packaging and dispatch Processing of the product Technology and processing equipment installed at the Centre is the most modern equipment. Installed capacity of the package and processing of fruits and vegetables are sufficient for the amount of 1,500 tons of products annually. The capacity of storage of goods in the regime of -18 degrees can take quantities of 1,200 tonnes in the same period. The combined capacity of quick freezing (IQF tunnel and shock chambers) are sufficient to within 24 working hours make quick freezing 40 tons. Refrigeration and packing capacity follows the process equipment, such as inspection lanes, vibrating tables, metal detector, processing line for cutting vegetables, laboratory equipment and others. The road infrastructure is paved, fenced off from all parts of the city, and video surviliance  the covers all individual segmnete Center. Serving its purpose, logistics center of the company represents the axis of operations and distribution capacity inevitable for ensuring sustainabe  supply chain of products to its customers.
Logistics center
Logistics center "ESOF" Logistics center "ESOF" Logistics center "ESOF" Logistics center "ESOF" Logistics center "ESOF"