For the purpose of its own production of vegetable fruits, ESOF has invested in the construction of a Regional Production Center located in the Municipality of Donji Vakuf. The center is located on an area of 8 ha. In addition to the aforementioned center, ESOF operates a production center in the Municipality of Bugojno covering an area of 5 ha of greenhouse production and 15 ha of open production. The special features of the environment where fruits and vegetables are produced are the cleanliness of the air, the pleasant natural environment and clean water. The Regional Production Center is the first center of this type and is the largest indoor production center (greenhouse) in BiH. Today, the Center is a model for the development of other similar centers, both in BiH and in other regional countries.
Production center - green houses "ESOF" Production center - green houses "ESOF" Production center - green houses "ESOF"