In order to own production of organic fruits vegetables, ESOF is invested in the construction of the Regional Centre for organic production located in the municipality of Donji Vakuf. The center is located on an area of 8.00 hectares and includes greenhouse production of 3ha and open production of 3.00 ha. Center is characterized by highly professional greenhouses, with automated management system of control climatic conditions and production safety. The second part of the production part of the Center is the plantation of berries on the surface of 22 ha. In this center produced the following crops: peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, green onions, garlic, spinach, pumpkin, carrots, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. A special feature of the Center is a location that is characterized by clean air, pleasant natural environment and clean water. Regional Center of organic production is the first center of this kind and the largest center Branch of production in BiH. Today, the Center is a model for the development of other similar centers, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other regional countries.
Production center
Production center - green houses "ESOF" Production center - green houses "ESOF" Production center - green houses "ESOF"