Regression varieties of being obese and set from house

Notes. * Immigrant Colombian men living in NYC had a significantly higher prevalence of obesity compared to nonimmigrant Colombian men living in Colombia (p = 0.02) or in the four main Colombian cities (p < 0.05).>

Similar differences of the sex was in fact claimed various other knowledge when you look at the Colombia and other Latin american nations [forty, 41]

Dining table step three reveals the fresh new organization of obesity that have place of residence with and you may instead of modifications to possess socio-group qualities and you will every single day SSBs practices. The latest unadjusted model showed that the newest prevalence off carrying excess fat is actually thirty six–37% deeper for immigrant Colombians residing in Nyc in comparison to nonimmigrant Colombians nation-wider (Publicity = step one.37; 95% CI step 1.thirteen, step one.70) otherwise chief Colombian cities (Advertising = step 1.36; 95% CI step one.09, 1.69).

Just after changing to have socio-market and you will losing weight correlates (Patterns 1 and you will 2), the brand new incidence off being obese was forty two–65% higher for immigrant Colombians located in Nyc in comparison senhoras em Portugal to nonimmigrant Colombians located in in their home country (Public relations = 1.49; 95% CI step 1.08, 2.06) and in chief Colombian locations (Publicity = step 1.65; 95% CI step 1.03, 2.64). Models 3 and you may 4 opposed Colombians surviving in New york with their acounterparts within the Colombia certainly one of men versus. feminine, correspondingly. Brand new connection away from obesity having place of household certainly Colombian dudes try in that way of your overall shot, where men and women residing in Nyc got an excellent 71% higher rate away from carrying excess fat than others surviving in Colombia country-wider (Advertising = 1.71; 95% CI step 1.03, 2.86). However, zero factor is receive certainly one of feminine (Public relations = 1.27; 95% CI 0.85, step 1.88). Similar performance were found to possess sex contrasting between Colombians immigrants in New york and you can nonimmigrant Colombians located in area of the Colombian cities (analysis perhaps not found).


This is among the first binational relative study of being obese among Colombians exactly who immigrated so you're able to New york and nonimmigrant Colombians inside their household nation. This research learned that Colombian immigrants residing in New york got an excellent large Body mass index and you can frequency out of being obese than simply nonimmigrant Colombians in the Colombia. Significantly, it huge difference is priong dudes considering place of home.

Indeed, this research showed that the latest frequency away from being obese was already highest certainly feminine than simply men staying in Colombia full (22% against. 14%) or even in the brand new five chief Colombian cities (21% versus. 15%), indicating your nourishment and you will epidemiologic transition into the Colombia may have impacted Colombian women to help you an increased the quantity. But not, out of mention, the newest incidence from obesity among Colombian women and men living in Ny is equivalent (26% vs. 25%, respectively). Way more research is necessary to clarify the way the procedure for immigration will get in a different way apply to Colombians. The present day research recommend that training peak and you will a job status is potential paths to have weight status certainly one of Colombian immigrants . These activities is investigated then regarding how they relate with the public norms and you can life from the U.S., migration networks, and condition reputation otherwise disabilities. Concurrently, little input research has concerned about Latino men living in the newest You.S. This research shows the new crucial to shell out closer focus on the fresh new highest pricing away from being obese within population.

The reality that nonimmigrant Colombian female life style their residence nation has an identical prevalence of obesity just like the Colombian immigrant female surviving in New york was shocking, because the populace being obese rates are much high on the U.S. generally. Earlier in the day degree having fun with number one studies analysis or other research strategies features identified issues one to ong Colombian female, and tastes for the human anatomy dimensions novel in order to feamales in Latino countries [42, 43], hormonal distinctions , extreme gestational gaining weight or blog post-partum lbs maintenance , and you can wealth inequities . The same as almost every other Latin american regions, Colombia has actually accompanied federal techniques to handle carrying excess fat, including a keen carrying excess fat protection plan change (Legislation Zero 1355, Colombia 2009), restrictions into weight (trans essential fatty acids, saturated fat) inside products, the newest tax regarding processed food and SSBs, promotion off physical activity when you look at the unlock room courtesy bike pathways, and you can side-of package labels [forty-five, 46]. Yet not, there clearly was still no specific input geared towards Colombian feminine during the the brand new national level. It is important to remain researching which trend, because Colombian women you want best public fitness interventions to stop and you can target being obese in both Colombia plus the You.S.